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    Hey All,

    Over the last few days, I have been experiencing an issue whereby the Exchange Default SMTP Virtual Server has a lot of “current sessions” from my Mail GW box. The really odd thing is that small emails still come in fine, but larger ones are not coming in at all.. although the timeout in the smtp properties states 10 mins, (600 secs) the , the connections are constant and go up into the thousands..

    I am tearing my hair out .. and bouncing back and forth bewteen the email GW and exchange being the problem.

    I am running a Clustered 2003 Exchange Enterprise install and have plenty of disk space still .. BUT .. my store is now just over 50gb .. but its on a 1TB drive array .. is there a limit on the store ?? I thought there wasnt if you ran an Enterprise version.. but I cant help feeling this could be a potential issue.

    There have been no config changes to either GW or Exchange which should impact the routing ..

    Does anyone have any comments .. ideas ??

    Kind Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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