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    I have built a new AD domain and exchange org to move from our old AD. The new domain has ILM setup to synchronise the GAL. I have setup some test accounts in both and have email flow working. I have migrated the ad groups with sids, and have moved a test user account with sid. Great so far.

    When I try to move the test accounts mailbox with the move-mailbox cmdlet I get the following error:

    Move-Mailbox : Error was found for Test1 ([email protected]) because: Error
    occurred in the step: Preparing mailbox to be moved. The action could not be c
    ompleted because the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is unavailabl
    e. Be sure the service is running and you have network connectivity to the Micr
    osoft Exchange Server computer., error code: -1056696543

    Command used:
    Move-Mailbox -TargetDatabase “uklonmbx01Storage Group Email n-zmailbox n-z” -Identity Test1 -GlobalCatalog -SourceForestGlobalCatalog -NTAccountOU “OU=Users,ou=London,ou=uk,ou=eu,ou=firm,dc=xxx,dc=local”
    -SourceForestCredential $sourceCredential -TargetForestCredential $targetCredential

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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