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    Morning all! :)

    A bit of an odd one this …

    We have two domains; one for members of staff and one for students. Both Domain Controllers are running Server 2003 and have their own separate Active Directory lists. Our Exchange 2003 server sits on the student domain, whereas staff member laptops are linked to the admin domain. All computers have Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 installed. It is also possible to access the admin DC server from the student DC server and visa-versa.

    Originally there wasn’t a issue. Members of staff could request access to other shared calendars and given the relevant permissions. However something has changed :( Any staff member can now access any shared calendar with full permissions … A user could effectively access another user’s calendar and delete all their appointments!

    If a user on the student domain tries to access another student domain user’s calendar, they are denied access unless permissions are set. So it looks as if users on the admin domain have full admin rights over the student domain.

    Do I need to recreate the trust relationship between the two domains? By doing this, can I allow admin domain users to view their mailboxes on the student domain, but also allow them access to other users’ shared calendars providing they have the correct permissions?

    Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated! :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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