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Creating VPN from Terminal server 2003

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    Hi All first post so hopefully i am in the rigt place and not breaking the rules.

    Here is the setup i am running SBS 2003 server as DC with SQL and Exchange. I also run windows 2003 terminal server standard which i have 15 clients connecting with RDP. I have one client that needs to use SABER which is loaded on the terminal server this program wants to create a VPN connection. When logged on as administrator this program works fine, if the administrator executes the program first and creates the vpn the client can the execute it and use it with no problems, but when the client tries to execute the program first it tells them they do not have the prevliges to create a vpn. I am guessing this might be a GPO issue but not to sure. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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