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    I’ve just started at a new company. I have zero documentation of our network – although I’ve made up sets of my own. One thing I am looking at is Exchange but that’s not really the issue.

    I have a Exchange 2010 sp2. I am told that, prior to my start, my colleague attempted to apply SP3 but it failed at the schema update. He didn’t write down the error.

    I’m loathe to apply the SP in a production environment given it’s previous failure and would prefer to test what’s required before attempting to roll it out into production again.

    My issue is this. The Exchange is hosted as a VM in a 2008 r2 Cluster. This VM is about 1TB in size (800GB is database and log files). My test environment only has around 700GB storage space with all of the drive bays full.

    To add new space I would need to tear down the test environment and start again. ps. I didn’t build this environment.

    The domain itself is in relatively good shapre. It’s functional level currently sits at server 2008 and none of the DCs are stressed.

    The Exchange also replicates to a second Exchange server located in another site.

    So questions:

    1. When I look at the database I can see that the DB storage space is partitioned into several different DBs – most of which are holding legacy data. Is it possible to bring the exchange back (in my test environment) with the bare minimum of DBs?

    This is something I’ve never tried.

    2. Am I over thinking this?

    Happy to supply any additional information as required.

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