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    Most people who are new to Dynamics CRM find out pretty quick that they an create a custom entity in the Customization area. On Premise or online this is standard and it just follows that importing an Solution that contains a custom entity will be another method of creating a custom entity within what is called “the Default Solution of the CRM Org instance. But another less used method is when importing data. I thought of a way to use this by creating a query of data from tables within Dynamics GP (Great Plains) To be specific I used the SOP30200 which is part of the Sales Order Processing area of Great Plains.

    By moving the data into a CSV format, I can import the data into CRM, Create a new entity called in this case “SOP” and create the fields in in the new entity while populating the entity with data.

    The next option could be setting up an SSIS package using tools like Kingsway Soft or Cozi Rock to move data based on date parameters to update the data in the entity.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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