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    Kobe 310

    I have a dell 2724, and a Dell 2024. I’ve played around with this before, but i got to be honest. This is by far the most confusing thing i have ever tried to crack in my life. VLAN’S. I just don’t get it. No matter how many times i read, create, delete, create, read,watch videos,read, create, watch videos. I CAN HONESTLY SAY I HAVE NOT LEARNED 1 FRICKING THING. NOTHING. I JUST DON’T GET IT:confused::confused::confused:. 24 ports but you can create hundreds of vlan’s??:confused::confused::confused:

    Does anybody know of a site where a video shows using a gui on how to create a vlan port, and why it works, and explain the OBVIOUS reasons why it can be confusing. From my understanding you can isolate the ports. This is what i want to do.

    You have a 24 port switch on these particular switches. you create vlan name, put a T (whatever that is)in, I GUESS port 2 or whatever you want…… is that a virtual port now, is that the actual port now. If i plug my cable does it have to be in that port, and about a thousand other fricking scenarios………..I JUST DON’T GET IT:confused::confused::confused:………..k, i feel better. :mrgreen:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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