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    Hi I would like some help and clarification on the correct procedure for creating a new active directory site.
    Im in the process of preparing a new office setup, the office will be running our first implementation of server 2008 into our environment.
    The new server is going to be a Read-Only Domain Controller
    I know how to create a new site and subnet in active directory, I have actually already completed this process. My question relates to the joining process.
    Do I join this server to the domain while it is here in the head office? Then run dcpromo and make it a domain controller when its in its new location?
    Join it to the domain and run dcpromo all from the new office?

    Obviously to be able to perform these processes will require the underlying network infrastructure to be online (VPN link back to head office)
    Your help will be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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