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    We are using exchange 2013 server , I have added a new mail domain in my exchange server.I have also configured the email address policy inside exchange.

    Now I want to create a new mail box for a user in that new domain.


    existing domain.
    user mailbox : [email protected]

    New Domain :
    email address policy: [email protected]
    User mailbox: [email protected]

    So , what could be the way to create a mailbox user for that new domain , so that user can send email from his outlook as that new domain: [email protected] also able to receive mails for that account.

    If i go to the recipients and create a mail box , it gives me option only to create a mailbox for a default domain , not for the new domain..

    So what could be the solution..

    I found this link , it mention only how to add multiple domain..…exchange-2013/

    Thank you..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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