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    I have a Linux server farm that I inherited at my new job, on one of these Linux servers resides a VM which runs a web server using Windows Server 2012.

    1. How do I determine what version of VMware is running? Or is workstation the only option here (I have minimal experience in an ESXi environment but that obviously is not the case here since the physical server is running Centos)? Is there a command I can run from the host OS (Centos) that will tell me what version of VMware is installed?
    2. I need to figure out the best method for backing up the webserver/VM – so any suggestions are welcome, I know simply backing up the directory that contains the files (.vmsd, .vmdk, etc) could cause problems if changes occur during the backup. So what’s the proper way to do this? Preferably without having to stop the VM/Webserver (I’ve had someone suggest shutting down the Windows VM and then doing a backup but on a webserver that needs to be running 24/7 seems like a terrible solution)

    To clarify, the physical server is running Centos and after the fact somebody put some version of VMware on it to run a virtual Windows box, so this does not involve ESXi at all (unfortunately as I would have some idea as to what to do)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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