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    Hi, thanks for the great info! Here is my situation. I am a mom with a teenager. He has a computer with win XP Home SP 2. He was supposed to leave my account as an administrator account (and I did have a password on it.) I let him have an administrator account. Now he is gone for a few weeks and I want to do maintenance on the computer. He has deleted my password and changed my account to Limited. Only his account and mine show up on the welcome screen. I googled and found Daniel’s site with link to I did everything and uploaded the results. Three accounts showed up. Mine (Status code 6, no password), Administrator (Status code 5, password for this user is blank), and son’s (also Status code 6) Status code 6 also says “If there is a password then the password for this user cannot be obtained because the security on the system is too high. The LM hash does not exist in the registry and therefore, while it is still possible to obtain the password it would take the world’s fastest computers days to work out even quite simple passwords.”
    What does this mean? (about his password.) Also, how can I get to the blank-password administrator account? What should I do? (Ideally I would learn his password, log in as him, and do the maintenance.)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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