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    Has anyone here heard of having ‘corrupted parity in the Raid header’?

    We regularly find that a Consistency Check on our Raid 1+0 array fails with inconsistency found.

    It has been suggested by Dell that this is caused by corrupted parity in the Raid header and the solution it to completely wipe the array and recreate it. As this array has the Windows Server system on it is going to involve backing-up, reinstalling Windows and restore from backup.

    We have never heard of this ‘corrupted parity in the Raid header’ error before and I just wondered if anyone else out there has ever encountered this and can tell us whether trashing and recreating the whole array is definitely going to fix the issue.

    Is this really the case that the whole thing has to be completely wiped and rebuilt or is there some other way to recreate this Raid parity header? If this is a regular problem I am surprised that LSI do not have a utility to recreate the Raid headers.

    Server is a Dell T-420 with a Perc H310 which is based on an LSI 2008, with 4-disks in Raid 1+0 .

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