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    I am trying to copy 5 virtual machines(includes 2 domain controllers) in a working lab environmnet to another new server/host I have setup on a different vlan. I started off by clicking browse the datastore on the original server with esxi and copied each folder for each virtual machines to a external hard drive, then I copied those same backed up virtual machines to the next servers datastore. I then added each virtual machine to the inventory by right clicking the .vmx file on each virtual machine folder. I powered on the machines and they cannot ping each other, but the issue I’m running into is the 2 domain controllers are not talking to each other either, I can log into each domain controller invidually only. As an example, domain controller1(, i can log onto the domain, and domain controller 2( I can log onto that domain also. So bottom line all 5 virtual machines cannot ping each other. Am I missing a step? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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