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    Installed the OS onto a drive I purchased as a 2TB drive which the label on the drive matches the Seagate catalog number for a 2TB drive. Side note – I converted our first server from a single MBR drive to a Raid 1 mirrored by simply installing the second drive, establishing the Raid and then doing a disaster recovery restore which worked first time out of the bag. Back to the request now – I discovered on our second server that the 2TB drive in the introduction of this message is in fact a 3TB drive with a portion of the drive inaccessible – 746gb of space unavailable… can’t create a partition, can’t format, nothing. In the beginning, I initialized the drive as a MBR disk as this was the boot drive and installed onto what I believed was the full 2TB but that is wrong. Is it feasible to install (2) 2tb drives, establish the raid, install server 2008r2 and then apply a full backup which contains the system state to overwrite the new installation and have it all work? I know that having the Raid established in the beginning would have been the proper thing to do but expense was an issue 2 years ago This machine happens to be a mail server (non-exchange, Lotus Domino/Notes) and would take many days to re-establish.

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