console crashes fixings involve Terminal Server?!?!

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    After the 1001 updates for our SBS server this winter the console.exe reporting functionality stopped working one day, I’m just looking into it now to figure this out as it’s a night feature to have this report emailed to me daily…

    It seems the topic of Terminal Server keeps coming up again and again and in particular this TN post:

    Now what I get from this is that TS should not and cannot run on my SBS 2008 Standard installation…but yet there it is. Running and setup by the default install of SBS 2008. If I shut it off then I cannot use remote desktop to login to the server in question as I get a comment about the service not being available.

    So it seems remote desktop is integrated with terminal services and thus required to work?!!? WTF!?!?

    Someone explain to me if TS should be running on my SBS 2008 (standard) install and why…so I can figure out if this has anything to do with my console.exe crashing!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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