Connecting new Exchange 2003 and Forrest to Existing Exchange 2003 Server.

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    I have a site overseas that is using Exchange 2003 via POP. It has all the users mailboxes for the company. I don’t want to touch this setup for now. There is no site to site VPN to HQ (HQ is in NY). There is one MX record and it points to a Unix relay server that forwards to the Exchange 2003 server. There is only one address space

    I want to setup a new AD forrest and new Exchange 2K3 server in HQ. I then want to tie this exchange server to the overseas Exchange Server via routing groups? Bridgehead server? I don’t want to add a site to site VPN just yet. Then I want to migrate mailboxes for the US users to the US exchange Server.

    If I have users in my US exchange server, via current MX when mail comes in will it forward it to US exchange server via routing group/bridgehead connection? If so, can I also setup a second MX record to point to US exchange server and can the same occur, if mail hits US exchange server for user mailbox on overseas exchange server to get transferred?

    So really the first question is can I even do this without a site-to-site vpn? And if the answer is no, then can I do all of the above with a site-to-site vpn? If I have to create new DC in the AD/domain then It’s pretty easy anyway.

    My goal is to get things up and running right now, and then to decomission the overseas exchange server by building a site-to-site VPN with new domain in the same US AD forrest and then build a new Exchnage server for them as well.

    Can I do this or suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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