Connect Cisco DB-60 to RJ45 console?

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    I have some Cisco kit that I would like to be able to control remotely.

    I have a few 2600XM routers, and a NM-8A/S and NM-4A/S, and wonder if their DB-60 ports can be connected to the console ports on Cisco routers and switches?

    You can tell that I’m trying to avoid buying a NM-16A or NM-32A, since these are expensive, plus I’d need an Octopus cable or two. Similarly a 2509 or 2511 would work, but again these are not cheap…

    The best I can find is Cisco153_Compatible_ADA_Series_DB60_Male_to_RJ45_Female_DCE_A_p_18215.html[/url]
    …but these are not cheap and not available in the UK, AFAIK, so I’m not keen to buy without confidence that this would work.

    Any comments/ideas are welcome!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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