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    I am about to do my 2k3 to 2k10 migration and am unsure about SSL certificates.

    Currently mail is delivered to – for which we do not have an SSL certificate.

    We don’t use webmail but do you a number of iPhones and iPads to connect to mail using SSL. For this we use – purely because we had a spare SSL certificate with that name (so I created another A record for our mail server).

    Can I get away with this setup for 2k10 or do I need to get some certificates sorted out? After much delay I was hoping to get started on this over the coming weekend.

    I have a spare server (lower spec) so will install 2k10 on that and move mailboxes over – so initially mail will still be processed through the 2k3 server. However time permitting I will migrate services at the same time.

    Once I am happy all works, I will rebuild the original (high spec) server and migrate move everything back. Not sure if this scenario causes SSL problems.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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