Configuring ISA 2004 On SBS 2003 With Two NICs? Please Help

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    Hi All,

    Due to the limitation of the Internet Bandwidth through our ISP, I’m planning to make an SBS 2003 to server our needs to utilize the internet bandwidth and other featuers.

    I have SBS 2003 configured as:
    1. Directory Services
    2. DNS
    3. DHCP
    4. Exchange
    5. Now trying to put the ISA 2004 to be as a deafault Gateway, Proxy Server and Firewall.

    LAN Setup:


    Is this right setup to be able to the users to get Internet Access?

    Also, for the ISA, what is the template Network that i have to choose for this design?

    What I know for the rules that should be available in the Firewall Access rules are as follows:

    DHCP Rules:
    1.Allow DHCP Request — From Internal to LocalHost
    2.Allow DHCP Reply — From LocalHost to Internal

    DNS Rules:
    1. Allow DNS From Internal to LocalHost
    2. Allow DNS from LocalHost to Internal

    Internt Access:
    1.Allow HTTP from Internal to External
    2.Allow HTTPS from Internal to External
    3.Allow FTP from Internal to External

    DHCP Scope Options:
    Start IP Address from To

    003 Router:
    006 DNS Server:
    015 DNS Domain Name:

    Please, I need your reply on this design to be able to implement it.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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