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    First of all: I’m a French speaking person. Bad English ahead. As a side effect it was also difficult for me to “google” for my issue as I do not know exactly what to ask.

    For about two weeks now I have a serious issue with my pc.

    In short: it freezes completely, with the red hdd light on but without any HDD activity. I have to turn the power off. I do not get any BSoD.

    In detail:
    P4C800-E Deluxe (1023)
    4 Sata HDD, two of them in Raid 0. The System is not on the Raid Array.
    1GB of ram
    Soudblaster Audigy LS
    Plextor Premium, PX-708A, 116A2
    nVidia 6800 GT Point of View
    XP home Sp2.
    Everything is up-to date with the latest bios / firmware / driver.

    Two weeks ago I replaced my Audigy LS card with a X-Fi one. And the issue begins. Before the installation, I do not have any issue. The actual conf is exactly the same as it was before the bug occurred. The config was faultless for at least a month before the bug started.

    After 10 to 15 minutes of up-time, the PC freeze completely with the red HDD light on, I have to turn the power off. When I turn it on, it will be good for the rest of the day. The issue only occurs once a day, or after a long (undetermined) power-off time.

    I remove the X-Fi card and uninstalled all I can. Creative told me there no known issue between the X-Fi and my mother board. I do not think the X-Fi not its drive are the root cause. The fact it only happens once a day let me think it’s a hardware issue, not a software one.

    I run various stuff: Symantec, Panda, Addaware, Spybot, Seagate DiskDoctor, MemTest86… but everything looks fine.

    Yesterday I replace the SATA cable and reload the bios default settings (then reconfigure it the way it use to be). The onboard sound cars is disabled in bios for ages. I will give it a try this evening.

    As it only bugs once a day or so, it is not easy to test :(

    I’m ready to re-install, or change some hardware, but I would like to be sure it will solve my issue. Format/install or expenses for nothing is not welcome ;)

    Many, many thanks in advance for your help !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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