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    CockpIT beats Citrix MetaFrame on Performance & Price
    (March 9, 2005)

    The German edition of Network Computing magazine awarded Jetro CockpIT its Best Value medal. Jetro beat out both Citrix (MetaFrame) and Tarantella (Secure Global Desktop) in this Real-World Labs® competitive study. While the American editors of Network Computing Magazine praised CockpIT for its superior performance, the German editors provided Jetro with an overall award.
    “ … IT professionals are discovering that Jetro not only offers a Server-based Computing alternative with superior technology, but one that is both easy-to-use and cost effective as well. Jetro customers make full use of their RDP licenses. Citrix customers, however, must pay for two protocol licenses – a Citrix ICA license that is used, and a Microsoft RDP license that is not used. As such, Jetro’s customers pay up to 50% less for better performance”.
    Gad Marton,
    Jetro Platform’s SVP Sales and Professional Services
    (CeBIT, Hannover, March 10, 2005).

    Moreover, when one considers that the Real-World Labs® study excludes printing capability from its comparison, Jetro’s results are even more impressive. Printing is a make-or-break issue with most Server-based Computing customers and Jetro’s all-in-one printing solution has become an industry hallmark.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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