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    James Haynes

    I am in the process of creating an EX cluster on my network. im not new to AD, but i am new to exchange and clustered servers… i took the 2400B course but it didnt touch very deeply on the clustering specs and prereqs

    my plans for the exchange installation include a front end and an active/passive back end.

    the a/p cluster have separate drives on a SANs for both the t-logs(L: ) and the mail stores(S: )… all on fiber. storage is not an issue, so more drives can be built in any RAID config nessasary.

    i created the cluster this weekend, and inadvertently let it install the quorum on the L: drive that i had created for the t-logs. i have not yet installed exchange on any node as of yet.

    i just have some questions about the quorum location… my understanding is that both the drives(L: and S: ) need to be empty before the exchange installation, and here i have gone installed the quorum data there…
    1. shoud i move the quorum data off the L: before the exchange install or can i leave them there? it looks pretty str8 forward with the cluster administration interface.. just point to a new location.
    2. should the quorum logs be on a separate drive from the OS? i assume they need to be accesable by all nodes on the cluster, right? where does everyone else put their quorum logs?
    3. how big will these q-logs get and what is their purpose? do they need to be backed up?

    sorry for such newbish questions.. any suggestions and/or recommendations would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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