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    Setup – 2 x Windows 2003 Enterprise server SP1 and fully patched running on VM

    Server 01 – AD, DNS
    Server 02 – Member Server

    I have been trying to configure Server01 as a cluster then join server 02 to the cluster. I have configured the VM with a SCSI controller and a 500mb SCSI drive. When creating a new cluster it says it cant find a shareable Quantum disk and defaults to the local disk. This is created successfully but then when I try to add server 02 to the cluster it cant find the quantum disk.

    SCSI disk was convered to a simply dynamic disk and formatted. I have also tried it as a basic disk and still get the same problem.

    Do remove the administrator share (F$) and share it normally or what??

    Anyone know why it wont use the SCSI disk as the quantum disk??


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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