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    Been a while since I have participated here, owing to some really cool project works… Anyway, hello again!

    I have a question for you and I hope this doesn’t come of wrong… Im not selling anything nor am I promoting anything. Im looking for feedback from fellow engineers and architects and this is the first group I thought of. If this is not in the correct location, can someone please point me in the correct direction and if this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete it (but pm me what was in violation).

    If you were looking to move Microsoft Active Directory into a cloud computing platform, what would the entry bar be with regards to security? What would the use case be? Would you be willing to allow a cloud provider to completely managed your directory and allow you only RBAC to manage the data (users, groups, computers etc). Would you be interested in extending your current on premise forest into the cloud and share privileged management of the directory? Would you be inclined to use a cloud based directory if it were completely managed by the provider and you created and managed a trust between it and your existing on-premise directory?

    if you consider the term “Managed Active Direcotry Service”, what does managed mean to you – How would you define this or what would your expectations be?

    if you had interest in a cloud directory service, what features would you like to see? What makes it interesting, or what would need to be provided to get you interested? Is there anything you wish Active Direcotry could do that is currently missing?

    If you wish to share answers outside this thread or would like to discuss any of these topics, please PM me and I will share contact information.

    Mods: Again, I apologize if this is inappropriate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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