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    I have the following problem:

    When connected to LAN, computers boots slowly, after user log-on all programs responses very slow, IE doesn’t connect to proxy and do not allow to open Internet Properties window. Task manager opens up 15-20 seconds after Ctrl-Shift-Esc pressed and responses very slowly, when trying to kill a task – it just stops to response at all. Also, cannot open mapped drives.

    When disconnected from LAN, all computers boots immediately, log-on w/o problems, and when I insert LAN back, computers works perfect with any services in network (internet, exchange, databases, shares, etc.)

    I’m sure this is something in AD. All what I did in the past: I’ve unchecked “Enforced” and “Link Enabled” on “Default Domain Policy” in Group Policy Management for about 1 hour, and then checked them back. DC is windows 2008 server.

    Please advise something useful!

    P.S. And most strange: there’s nothing new in event logs on the domain controller!
    P.P.S. And nothing in event logs on clients!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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