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    we’ve got a new customer with a strange situation. But ok, managers approved it, and now we’ve got a problem.

    The following situation:

    2 Exchange servers (w2k3 with no SP en E2k3 with SP1) (frontend, backend)
    4 Terminal Servers
    a few connected offices (about 15)
    a lot of home users who via an dialup connection has been connected to an ISP.

    Ok the following problem occurs with the home users

    They connect to an ISP
    They can download there mail from planet (an ISP which the customer still uses)
    They Cannot download there mail from our exchange Server. Although the pop connection is available. error message: ERR The requested message could not be converted to an RFC-822 compatible format.

    Well, setting an telnet session to the Pop Server.
    telnet server 110
    user “username”
    pass “password”

    taking a long time to wait……
    finally OK
    List and receiving the list of mail
    type retr 1 for opening the first message…
    and the same error again.

    well testing this on the server itself (telnet localhost 110) gives the same error.

    that’s getting hard. watching the eventlogs, there are 2 warnings…

    first one:

    Event Type: Warning
    Event Source: ESE
    Event Category: Space Management
    Event ID: 445
    Date: 25-4-2005
    Time: 12:55:20
    User: N/A
    Computer: EXS001
    Information Store (3716) First Storage Group: The database E:Exchsrvrmdbdatapriv1.edb has reached its maximum size of 16499 MB. If the database cannot be restarted, an offline defragmentation may be performed to reduce its size.

    For more information, click

    ok, the database isn’t to large, but an offline defrag should be in place. Actually database size is about the 10 Gig… but could this cause the problem??? ok, this event is about 5 to 10 times generated each second, so we can only watch the logs back for 2 hours.

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: POP3SVC
    Event Category: Content Engine
    Event ID: 1023
    Date: 25-4-2005
    Time: 12:55:21
    User: N/A
    Computer: EXS001
    Error 0x7da occurred while rendering message 0001-000001152cc1 for download for user [email protected].

    For more information, click
    0000: 06 03 14 00 ….

    Second one, (see above) is something we can’t find any aricle about.. yes, the articles we found should have some concern about the clients… (kb 329168, KB284271 and KB820669)

    Currently we’re thinking out to Defrag the database first with eseutil /d

    Oh, briefly:
    clients can download and send mail via there ISP but can’t download there mail via our exchange server.
    telnet sessions take a long time… and if connected we got the error about RFC 822
    also with groupshield en Vhield disabled, this problems stays..

    anyone got a clue where to find it????

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