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    We’re running a sbs2003 sp2 single server network with a Firebox Edge router receiving emails via SMTP. There is one, and only one, client that cannot send us emails although he gets ours without any issue. I have checked the logs of the router and SMTP server and his emails never reach us. I have listed below the diagnostic information generated by our client’s server and the only curious thing is in the reference section, his emails are somehow finding our local network, @server2.mydomain.local
    Diagnostic information for administrators:
    Generating server: BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM

    [email protected]
    #550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ##
    Original message headers:

    Received: from BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM ([fc80::2.8ra:d07f’:JJS7:7f2f]) by
    BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM ([fe8fJ::2flca:dU7f: nS7: lt2fo/h14l) with mapi
    Mon, 1 Feb 2010 10:37:43 -0.500
    From: sender
    To: recipient < [email protected]>
    Date: Mon, 1. Feb 2010 10:3/:47–0500
    Subject: RE: Please reply, I think we’re In shape
    Thread, Topic: Please reply, I think we’re in shape
    Thread-Index: AcqjUSGWSfXhSEzlQVG4Hil<:w ,liP(JAMHJ
    Message-ID: <13E91CF11866B74J.B48AE36:3:)[email protected] BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM >
    References: <070C6D lA7179F740BG7FEAOI’/[email protected]>

    <13E91CF11866B741B4BAl:3685CA0991751J7A210n(BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM >
    Accept-Language: en-US
    Content-language: en-US

    Lastly I’ve been able to succesfully telnet to this client.

    Hope someone has some suggestions, this is weird. Thanks. Michael[/FONT]

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