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  • Hobie

    Another company set this up and I’m just learning as I go..


    I have 3 Servers on my Farm (Cit1, Cit2, Cit3).
    Cit1 is my License Server / Metaframe Server

    If I create a Published App (Terminal Desktop) thats uses the entire farm it will place people on the servers correctly (IE: User 1 = Cit1, User 2 = Cit2, etc) and everything works fine.

    If I remove the 1st Server (Cit1) it comes up to the login prompt and will not allow anyone to log in. I noticed the login screen will still show “Cit1″ as the log in server (Even though it is supposed to not connect to #1, I verified the users are in the Remote Desktop Users” group and permissions tab on the ica connections).

    It gives the error: —-
    “To log on to this remote computer, you must have Terminal Server User Access permissions on this computer. By Default, members of the Remote Desktop Users group have these permissions. If you are not a membet of the Remote Desktop Users group or another group that has these permissions, or if the Remote Desktop User group does not have these permissions, you must be granted these permissions manually”

    The Odd part is any user Internal Domain Computer connecting to the Metaframe server works fine (IE: [URL]http://Cit1[/URL]), but external users fail (IE: (which tells me it is probably a firewall issue)

    My Question:
    Should I assign a different IP for each Citrix Server and fix the /altaddr to reflect the outside IP? or is this something more basic I am missing somewhere?

    It makes sense to remove the 1st server from the loop if you are connecting to server #2, but why would it work on apps published on the 1st server (and place the user on #2 with full functionality)?


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