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    Hello, first time/long time. Decided to register to get some feedback from you guys on a hot topic going on in my office right now:

    We’re in the market for a new core switch. We’ve been hobbling along with an ancient one for about 7 years now.

    We have 300 users in our office and we’re a Nortel shop as far as network switching. We use Baystack 450s exclusively here, approximately 40 of them, in our building alone, but use Cisco for our WAN routers.

    We’re looking primarily at the Passport 8610 (Nortel) and the Cisco Catalyst 6500 (among others).

    We have 4 IDFs that have 2GB uplink speeds and 5 that use 1GB uplinks via fiber.

    We also have 13 servers with gigabit NICS.

    We have always used Nortel equipment (we also have an Option 61 PBX) but we’ve been told to get what we need, not necessarily to get what we always get.

    I know full well that Cisco is the gold standard, but I can’t go to the CIO and say “we should spend over $100K on the Cisco because it’s the standard.”

    We have a dedicated Telecommunications Mgr, who’s pushing the Nortel, I have other constituants who’re ready to start the move to Cisco and I don’t really care either way, I just want my new core switch.

    Does anyone have any comments regarding either unit or brand name? TIA!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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