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    I am designing an small company network were a PoE in some areas is a must.
    Total number of users are about 45
    Total number of surveillance equipment (ip cameras) are about 10
    Is there a posibility in abt a year to change the pabx to a VoIp system.
    The Internet access is Broadband and no more than four users could be remotely connected to the lan so a Small Firewall is a must.
    My design uses GigaBit Server Access and 100BaseT for end users.
    I had been looking at Cisco solutions but found Linksys solutions either.
    The price difference it´s big enough to think carefully, but I am afraid to home devices (Linsys) into this environment.
    Maybe I am affected by Cisco´s Marketing :-(
    Your opinions will be kindly appreciatted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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