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    Hi, I need an answer from a person who really understands how to configure Cisco routers. I have specific problem.
    First of all there is no test enviroment, I have two Cisco routers 2811 in production enviroment, so I must be very careful (Routers are constantly working 24/7).

    My problem is that I need to configure site to site VPN without NAT between these two routers, but with NAT in the one or the other side For the Internet trafic.
    Right now I have site-to-site VPN up and going between two branches but when I am trying to access site (in the other branch) using local ip or (DNS name) I can’t because of NAT’ing in the second branch.
    from subnet I am trying reach I can ping it but I can not connect throught browser (80 port). I can reach this site only using public address. So I need to exclude NAT’ing for this site from intranet but leave this site accessable for public users.

    If you are willing to help me and have ideas how to fix this I can explain situation in more detail and code.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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