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    Luke Healety

    Newbie alert!!

    Brand new 857 – no problems starting up SDM – login as cisco/cisco as-per instructions.
    When I get to the summary dialog, I can now click “finish” – I get hourglass, and nothing else happens. The router config does not change.
    SDM does nothing else. I can click on “back” and edit the setup i have made, but still will not save.
    I have Telnet into router and user/pass is still “cisco” – IP does not change, etc.

    I have also d/loaded and installed latest ver. of SDM (2.3.2) – no change.

    I have used several different PC’s & laptops, both Windows & Linux with different browsers to rule out browser/java issues… I can only conclude that it is either SDM or the router. :roll:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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