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Cisco EPC2425 – frequent disconnects, connection timed out

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  • zacko

    I’m having a potential problem with Cisco EPC2425 Wireless modem/router.

    Now to tell the whole story…

    Two nights ago my modem went crazy and lights start flashing like UFO, instead of all the lights being turned on like it’s supposed to be and i lost internet connection. Since then, my internet just won’t be steady and fast like it used to be. I keep loosing connection. Every software (msn, skype..etc), game (online games like Final Fantasy, Aion), keep disconnecting (every several minutes), websites either wont open at all (connection timed out) or open very slowly, cannot download anything (thru firefox or IE), my connection is just not stable anymore.

    Now this happends on my PC and Laptop. Pc (windows 7) is connected with cable and laptop (vista) is wireless.

    I never had problems like this before.

    When checking my connection status and clicking Diagnose message says:
    “Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding” (on windows 7)

    “Cannot communicate with DNS server” (on vista)

    My ISP answer of course is that everything is fine on their end that signal to my modem is all good.

    Tried pinging my IPS’s dns servers, along with google and others (with ping /t), i can hardly ever ping my ISP dns servers, when pinging google, most of them get thru fine, but every now and then time goes above 120ms and shortly after that i get a few timeouts (usually the same time range as when disconnection on my other software), then back to successfull pings.

    Now the steps that i have done to try and fix that (along with contacting my ISP several times during the day):

    1) Reboot modem (power cable out and back in after 5-10min) – tried dozen times
    2) Reboot my PC and Laptop dozen times
    3) Clear dns cache + ipconfig /renew
    4) Try different cables (for PC)
    5) Tried only having connected PC or Laptop at same time
    6) Removing all connections on PC and Laptop, creating them again (had static Ip’s set up but removed them all)
    7) Reboot modem EMTA

    Am I really doing all this for nothing, could it be ISP problem?

    O hope i was clear enough with my problem.

    Now i’m really out of ideas, and would appritiate any advices that you people are willing to share :)

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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