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    I am using Cisco ASA Firewall 5510 to connect over 18 branch networks and also using it for Remote Access VPN. It also my dhcp server to my internet connection. I have noticed that about 3 of my branch network will occassionally failed until have to restart the device before it works again. but while the 3 networks failed the rest of my 15 branch will not complain and even the remote access vpn will not complain. Also my internet connection also will fail uness i have to restart the device. some device will not receive dhcp ip and i have configure dhcp lease for 5 mins.

    Can any tech tech help me to resolve this strange problem so that i will not have to be restarting my Cisco firewall only for a about 3 branches to be resolved while i will also cause the whole of the others to be disconnected to get others working.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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