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    We currently have Cisco ASA 5505 working as a DHCP server. But, sometimes it takes some time to give IP address to new clients, so I would like to switch that DHCP Server to our DC. I want to use the same range that is currently in use. My plan was to setup DHCP Server on Win2k3, with range, DNS and all other options, than to switch off the DHCP on ASA, and switch on the DHCP on Win2K3. My question is will the DHCP on Win2k3 know that some addresses are already in use, and that it will give new, unused addresses? I always have like 20-30 used, or occupied IPs in that range.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I put this topic in the wrong forum, didn’t know if it should go here or in general networking, or in Cisco PIX/ASA part

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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