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    Hi everyone,
    I have a site to site VPN using 2 CISCO ASA 5505 (with ASA 8.3) working perflecty well.
    Now I need to be able to let IPV6 address pass through this tunnel.

    I only see this article talking about protocol 41 : questions 147899 cisco-asa-and-static-ipv6-tunnel-endpoint
    But I was not able to get some success with it.

    I added :
    object service 6in4
    service 41
    object network ipv6_local_endpoint

    access-list outside_in extended permit object 6in4 object ipv6_remote_endpoint object ipv6_local_endpoint

    And a lot of other configuration but it’s still failed.

    Is someone already get IPV6 through a VPN Tunnel work ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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