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    Does anyone have any advice/documentation on setting up a simple VPN for remote users on a Cisco 851. Accordign to Cisco, it’s “easy”. But when navigating with Cisco SDM it seems very complicated. I have downloaded the Cisco VPN client and need to configure it also.

    The setup is with a Cisco 851 configured with a static IP provided by the ISP a cable company. I have the router configured so we have internet access and that part is working fine.

    I know I can call Cisco TAC but it seems like this should be a common task that someone has done before. THere is a lot of stuff about VPN setups on but it all seems to be for more complex situations. This is just one or 2 users connecting to their business netowork from home.

    Thanks for any assistance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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