Cisco 3750 routing LAN to WAN fails

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    We have a cisco c3750 router with ip-services image (12.50)
    A cable modem maintains the fysical connection to ISP. so:

    internet -> modem /ethernet out -> cisco 3750, port 24. -> other switchports -> LAN-clients

    All ports are in default VLAN 1.
    port 23: windows 2003 server with dns/dhcp server.(, default gateway )
    port 22: PC with windows XP ( dhcp-client )
    vlan 1 : ip address (default gateway )

    Goal: connecting PC/hosts in VLAN 1 to internet

    set ip routing,
    WAN port (fa1/0/24) configured as a router and succesfully connected to internet.
    I can reach any internet-addresse from the console.
    Also the PC gets an ip-address from the server. problem: routing from VLAN 1 to “internet/port 24” isn’t working.

    What step should i take?
    tried default-router /default network /default gate-way stuff, nothing seems to work. According to the documentation it should work..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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