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    Hello, I had a new Cisco 3560 E switch that was running with the IOS fresh out of the box. All was working well, and I needed to do the IOS for some minor bug fixes. I did the upgrade, now the swtich will hang when you turn it on. it gets to here and just hangs:

    Using driver version 1 for media type 2
    Base ethernet MAC Address: 00:23:33:7e:6b:00
    Xmodem file system is available.
    The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.

    I can hold the mode button down when it boots and get here:

    The system has been interrupted prior to initializing the
    flash filesystem. The following commands will initialize
    the flash filesystem, and finish loading the operating
    system software:


    I can then type flash and get this:

    switch: flash
    Initializing Flash…
    mifs[2]: 12 files, 1 directories
    mifs[2]: Total bytes : 1835008
    mifs[2]: Bytes used : 757248
    mifs[2]: Bytes available : 1077760
    mifs[2]: mifs fsck took 0 seconds.
    mifs[3]: 0 files, 1 directories
    mifs[3]: Total bytes : 3932160
    mifs[3]: Bytes used : 1024
    mifs[3]: Bytes available : 3931136
    mifs[3]: mifs fsck took 0 seconds.
    mifs[4]: 5 files, 1 directories
    mifs[4]: Total bytes : 262144
    mifs[4]: Bytes used : 9216
    mifs[4]: Bytes available : 252928
    mifs[4]: mifs fsck took 0 seconds.
    mifs[5]: 5 files, 1 directories
    mifs[5]: Total bytes : 262144
    mifs[5]: Bytes used : 9216
    mifs[5]: Bytes available : 252928
    mifs[5]: mifs fsck took 0 seconds.
    — MORE —
    mifs[6]: 846 files, 13 directories
    mifs[6]: Total bytes : 57409536
    mifs[6]: Bytes used : 19844608
    mifs[6]: Bytes available : 37564928
    mifs[6]: mifs fsck took 14 seconds.
    …done Initializing Flash.

    And I can then type boot and it boots normally. This is fine, but I can’t run around after a power outtage manually booting all the switches… Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I checked the reg and it shows 0XF. That’s the same as the other swtiches sitting right next to it. I’m also scared to do any more upgrades in fear I might loose more switches…

    Thanks in advance for any help or idea you guys might have.


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