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Cisco 1811 Router and VPN Clients

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    Hi all,

    I would like to ask if somebody can help me with an advice setting up my 1811 Router so that it can handle Cisco VPN clients.

    I have successfully been able to set it up so that clients can connect to the router from outside.

    The Cisco VPN client, when connected, is able to ping the inside gateway interface but is not able to ping the other inside hosts nor access any internal resources.

    I have first tried to give the client an ip adress on the net as the other inside hosts and also tried to give the client an ip adress on the net. Both did not work.

    What should I be aware of here?

    It runs Cisco IOS 12.4(6)T5.

    Should I use a PIX or an ASA instead of the 1811 to do this? I also have a mailserver and a couple of other servers behind the router.

    I have implemented ACL’s and CBAC to secure the network.

    I also have a problem accessing one of my clients Microsoft VPN’s after implementing this router. The Microsoft VPN client stops when it verifies username and password with the Microsoft VPN Server and gives a timeout error. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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