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  • James Haynes

    i have this 1141 draft 2 that is being a PITA. im not going to describe the entire scene i caused with it, and will try to keep this short.

    i also need to make it clear that i am not a cisco master by any means and my level of ‘expertise’ is minimal to say the least.

    i cannot get into the web management page to save my life. here is what i did…

    i did a password recovery to get into the console. this worked. i can type “Cisco” after ‘enable’ and i get an elevated prompt (ap#) so that is working correctly.

    even though i did the password/AP reset, i still had the same host name and bad IP address/wrong tfpt, etc. i couldnt find the config.txt file in “flash:” so i didnt know how to remove the config and start over, so here is what i did:

    i killed the boot during the startup and formatted the flash: directory via console connection. i type “reload” or “boot” but nothing worked because i formated the flash directory.

    i got the newest version of the firmware… the file was c1140-k9w7-tar.152-4.JB4.tar, but i have access to all the images.

    i take the bricked AP and using the set command…
    set IP_ADDR
    set NETMASK

    then i init_tfpt…

    so then i do:
    tar -xtract tfpt:// flash:/

    and it starts blowing up lines of crap as it decompresses the tarball and does its thing…

    it finishes all that tar crap and then i tell it to “boot” which it did. i figured i would have this thing to the way it comes out of the box, but i still cannot open the web browser.

    it doesnt respond to pings either. its correctly able to use the tftp and ping my box, but i cannot open the IP either https or http to use the web feature… and i kinda need that cause im horrible at creating multiple SSIDs via the command line and would prefer to use the browser to set that up.

    so what did i mess up? i was pretty sure that formatting the flash and then using the latest image would put things pretty much back to the OBE state, but its not.

    how do i enable the web feature via console connection? how can i enable ICMP replies so that i can ping it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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