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    :roll:…the said machine’s bootable via the cdrom, usb (2 linux distros & DamnSmallLinux via usb – an old version) & the Floppy drive. The owner needs to run a program inside it but has forgotten the Adm pwd. I think that chntpw hasn’t the drivers for that old computer (acquired around 2003), a clone, not a Dell, Gateway or HP.

    I think I followed the instructions as suggested in many places but no hdd was ever recognized. My first question is if there’s the possibility of adding other hdd drivers for chntpw to use or one’s halted at those within the other 2 diskettes?

    As a possible extra piece of evidence I found a BartPE cdrom & booted it there & tried all the apps inside it for this purpose but all of them failed as follows:
    1) tried to reset the pwd &, even though I noticed it accessed the hdd, after rebooting it said that I could not login because the account was locked…;
    2) I created a new admin account without a pwd &, after rebooting, it repeated the previous message (see #1 above).

    I did managed to enter in Safe Mode with Command Prompt but it asked there also for a pwd for the acct shown. Later, while inside BartPE I opened a Command window & tested net user etc. but it also gave me the same results as above.

    PS. I was/am trying to use konboot but haven’t managed to make appropriate floppies for it, yet. As an alternative I was trying to install konboot to a CFCard & making it bootable but have encountered dificulties with this approach.

    PSS. The said BartPE cd is an old one probably 8 years old now; could this be an issue? Tried to use the apps there for the hashes but I must confess that I don’t understand the procedure I entered in nor the apps themselves. At the location of that computer I don’t have internet access so everything I bring in with me at a CFCard or floppy or cd.

    Thanks for any advice/tips around this!

    Addendum: As much as I want to fix that computer for my niece’ husband shop I also want to learn whatever I can around the issues I’ve experienced with both chntpw & konboot. So, include all the comments around all aspects covered within the post.

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