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    I need to create the least expensive SAN possible to test VMware ESX server.

    – This would consist of 3 PC’s with fibre cards (predicable price)
    – fibre switch
    – fibre storage array

    Now I have seen that datacore’s SAN storage virtualization sw can turn a regular PC / server into a SAN storage array. All you have to do is add a fibre card and you have a fibre SAN storage array.

    Say that I did that, what about the switch? What is the smallest lowest cost fibre switch in existance? And what about cheap cards that are still supported by ESX? What are the least expensive single ported cards you can get?

    And this doesn’t have to apply to VMware only – this same SAN could, of course, be used by someone who wanted to test & train on Windows Server SAN configuration.

    If anyone has suggestions, please let me know!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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