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    Hi all,

    Now that we have brand new decent spec desktops, we’re starting to migrate from TS (2003R2 and 2008R2) to local desktop working now.
    However there will still be an element of hotdesking going on in the business, so i’m thinking of using roaming profiles.

    Now back in the day when we only had 2003 R2 Std Terminal Servers, roaming profiles tended to cause more trouble than a little.

    Now, with 2008 and without TS/RDS in the equation (well mostly), is it safe to switch to roaming profiles again?

    Users will use 2008R2 RDS or possibly RDC into their own works pc, when they are outside of the lan, but other than that local working will be used.

    As far as i can see roaming profiles is the only option for this?
    I can’t load every users profile onto every desktop just in case they log into that desktop at some point. Obviously with roaming profiles, they sit on a central share and will be accessed when the correct credentials are input regardless of what pc the user is on.

    Most client computers will run win7 pro x64. There are still some on XP Pro x86, but i’m working on upgrading those. I understand there are differences in profiles types, v1 and v2?

    Could i have your opinions please?
    Pros and cons would be beneficial. Any comments about copying/pasting existing data from locall TS profiles into new roaming profiles?

    Any and all replies greatly appreciated, thanks. :mrgreen:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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