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    Hi All,

    My apologies for this question as it has probably been asked a million times before.

    I’ve got a setup here that I inherited from people who had no idea what they are doing and one of my projects was to eliminate this old domain alias.

    I’m digging a bit more in to this and I’ve become less confident that this would be a quick flipping of an old domain alias and now it looks like I would need to do a complete domain rename.

    I’m in a 2008-R2 functional level, with Exchange 2010, I have our domain and a pre-windows 2000 name of WORKGROUP (Seriously, I wish I was kidding)

    We still see the WORKGROUP domain all over the place, most computers have that on the login screens, a lot of the login accounts for services also decide to pick that display name instead of [email protected].

    I’ve had to deal with some poor setups in my career but I am out of my element here. Is there any, simple, way to stop WORKGROUP from showing up?

    Thank you in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.


    — RP

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