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    I have build a totally new Server with a clean SBS 2003 Standard Edt. outside our network domain. At this time we use our ‘old’ SBS 2000 Server. Both Servers are configured as PDC’s with the same domain name, the only difference is the name of the Server itself.

    My only concern is what will happen when I hook up the new 2003 SBS Server to our existing network where the SBS 2000 Server is the PDC? Will they ‘bite’ each other?
    And if they don’t bite each other how can I easily migrate the Exchange Data, User Profiles etc to the new 2003 SBS Server? Program Files aren’t the issue because everything will be fresh installed again onto the new Server. Can both servers temporarily run aside each other for a while?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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