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    We have an issue where our domain is part of the proxy bypass list.

    However we have got a couple of sites which are hosted externally, albeit with our domain name.

    The obvious way to access them internally is to put in a DNS entry and a route out to the internet – but I would much rather access them through our proxy server (as they will be scanned for viruses and spam, and stats will be collected).

    Can anyone think of a way to achieve this?

    My only thought so far was if there was a switch for IE – so I could put a shortcut on the desktop, which then instructs IE to ignore whatever proxy settings are set in IE, and use whatever follows the switch. I can’t find one for this though (unlike google chrome where you can set a proxy by switch).

    Anyone know of a way I can do this?

    We are running Windows XP and IE 6


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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