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    Hello all,
    I have Win2k3 R2 standard edition as file server.
    I have the next scernario:
    Users has folder redirection of “My Documents” and “Application Data” to this server that building themselfes under the user’s homedir.
    Accidentally I forgot to remove the option of “Grant the user exclusive rights to My Documents” and the same thing on “Application Data”, and now I can’t get access to these folders in user’s homedir.
    There are several groups of homedirs, every group of homedirs are under their Root directory.
    I would like to have some script that will inherit permissions FROM user’s homedir TO the “My Documents” and “Application Data”, or it’s possible to inherit permissions to all subfolders and files, or it would be better to automate the option of ” Replcae permission entries on all chikd objects with enttries shown here that apply to child objects” on all the homedirs.
    I guess the script should do the next:
    1. Scan / Read the current permissions of each directory / folder.
    2. Inherit permissions from the user’s root homedir.
    3. Add the name of the folder to the security permissions with full control in adition to the inherited permissions that mentioned in paragraph 2 (The name of the folder is the username, there for I need to add the folder name to the security tab of the folder).

    I hope my explanation was clear and there is nothing missing.
    Hoping someone will help me ASAP.
    Thanks ahead,
    Boris Reuven

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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