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    hey All —

    For some odd reason in the past couple days, a CGI script that has been running on my Win2003 server has started giving me 502 error codes, which means that the “Server is too busy”. This script has been functioning for at least 2 months with no issues whatsoever, but now all of a sudden it has started to choke.

    This happened on Tuesday morning, after doing some tests for a couple of hours it just started happening. I was at a complete loss because the W3 logs didn’t really giv eme any details, and the script appeared to function locally, but not remotely. I rebooted the server, and everything was fine again.

    is there anything I could look at? Pagefile becoming too large? I still have over 30GB of diskspace, and the CGi script delivers filers which are typically smaller than 10MB (normally less than 2MB, ranging from 80K to probably 500k on average).

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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