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    Dear All,
    I have created a Certification Authority in my Windows Server 2003 for issuing digital signatures. The purpose of this is to sign Infopath form for developers who are creating solutions in InfoPath 2003 using VS.NET 2003 C# managed code. On the client(the developers) machine when I request and install the certificate by using [url]http://Myservername/certsrv[/url]. After following the basic steps I reach the following page. The problem is the Key Usage ( which is enclosed in red rectangle), is always “Exchange” while Infopath forms cannot be signed by this key value. For signing Infopath form the Key Usage attribute value must include Digital Signature or Non-Repudiation. The Key Usage radio button is totally disabled. Can any one please suggest me what can I do so that the Key Usage should be either Digital signature or Non-Repudiation or Both. the screen shot is here:

    I am very much stuck and feeling embarrassment.

    thanks in advance…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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